The Perfect Tool for the Job & Concierge Service Along the Way

Lavina machinery is the easiest to use in the industry, and you'll experience increased productivity, up-time and efficiency because of our innovative technology & quality. Lavina has also developed the perfect lineup of products to match every unique need, from electric, propane options to various sizes & applications.

CPHQ is committed to helping you avoid problems, maximize the longevity of your machine, and get the overall best value out of your Lavina machinery.

We know that when you choose to buy Lavina and you choose CPHQ as your dealer and supplier, your business be more profitable & experience fewer hassles than any other supplier in North America.

What You'll Get with a Lavina Machine

Contractors that want productivity & longevity, choose Lavina. Discover some of the benefits you'll get from this industry leader.

A size perfect for your application

Increased up-time due to premium build

Optimal vacuum & grinder pairings

Easiest to use, maintain & operate

Electric, Propane & High Voltage options

Superior parts, tooling & warranty

A Dealership You Can Trust to Keep You Productive

Concrete Floor Shop will be hosting a two day diamond polished concrete training vevent for contractors who would like to learn about the process. This class is perfect for installers looking to get into the industry and those who want to improve the skills they already have. Each atendee will receive a certification at the end of the course.

The class will feature the Lavina ELITE Series 30 GE Propane Grinder and tooling. We will do hands on training with all the tools and systems you will use in the field, with various sizes of machines, hand grinders, edge grinders, stencils and more.

The program will have hands-on and classroom raining on methods, applications, and the science of polished concrete. You will learn application  techniques, tooling selections, production rates, etc.

Some Common Questions:

We exist to help contractors get started, grow, and develop a super profitable polishing business. CPHQ exists to support your business, from the start of buying the proper machine, to getting trained to maximize it's potential, to helping with servicing, and staying productive with the best tooling.

Why polish concrete?
What do I need to get started?
Where can I get trained and certified?

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