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Concrete Surface Preparation Tools and Concrete Grinding Tools

Our collection of concrete surface preparation tools will make any job faster, and easier. Create an account for easy ordering and re-ordering of concrete surface preparation tools for soft floors and hard floors alike. Contact us with questions about the best surface preparation tool for your floor application.
X-Series Single Button Tooling X-Series Single Button Tooling VIEW NOW
X-Series Double Button Tooling X-Series Double Button Tooling VIEW NOW
X-Series Single Segment Tooling X-Series Single Segment Tooling VIEW NOW
X-Series Double Segment Tooling X-Series Double Segment Tooling VIEW NOW
X-Series PCD Tooling X-Series PCD Tooling VIEW NOW
Calibra Grinding Discs Calibra Grinding Discs VIEW NOW
3-Step Concrete Polishing System 3-Step Concrete Polishing System VIEW NOW
HD Resin Pads HD Resin Pads VIEW NOW
X-Series Bush Hammer X-Series Bush Hammer VIEW NOW
V-HARR Polishing Pads V-HARR Polishing Pads VIEW NOW
NATO Polishing Discs NATO Polishing Discs VIEW NOW
Maintenance Pads Maintenance Pads VIEW NOW
Edge Ring Edge Ring VIEW NOW
Waffel Polishing Pads Waffel Polishing Pads VIEW NOW
CornerPro Polishing Pads CornerPro Polishing Pads VIEW NOW
Grinding Cups Grinding Cups VIEW NOW
Cementia Grinding Discs Cementia Grinding Discs VIEW NOW
Gunite shoes Gunite shoes VIEW NOW
3N HP Copper Tools 3N HP Copper Tools VIEW NOW
Superthick Discs Superthick Discs VIEW NOW
Electroplated Pads Electroplated Pads VIEW NOW
Lippage Pads Lippage Pads VIEW NOW
Superthick Resins Superthick Resins VIEW NOW
Razor Ceramic Pads Razor Ceramic Pads VIEW NOW
Spiral Pads Spiral Pads VIEW NOW
T-BONE Polishing Discs T-BONE Polishing Discs VIEW NOW