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Lavina 30L S-Series Floor Grinding & Polishing Machine

our price: $16,190.00

This multi-purpose concrete floor polisher is a great addition to your fleet, by combining three machines in one, the LAVINA® 30L-S can be used as a concrete grinder, polisher and for floor maintenance. The heavy-duty model has horsepower of 15HP/11KW and grinding pressure of 399 lbs/181 kg. This machine is also appropriate for both wet and dry applications. The nozzle-free spraying system doesn’t need cleaned during the polishing process, and provides ample water, unlike other machines that only provide a misting of water. The design of this machine includes an exclusive U-Joint technology that utilizes an extra axis to improve and increase flexibility of maneuvering. This technology makes the base seem to float over the floor in any direction. The design also includes a removable power cable for quick clean up, and many more update features that include: upgraded handles and wheels, stronger steel base, double seals, security plate locks, reinforced pulleys and cast, larger bearings and upgraded spiders for security. The LAVINA® 30L-S may also be purchased as a 25” model, without the low profile base. Or, the low profile base on the 30” model reaches beneath cabinets, shelving and accesses other hard to reach spaces. This could eliminate the need for an edger.

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