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Lavina 25 S-Series Floor Grinding & Polishing Machine

our price: $12,390.00

The Lavina 25 S-Series concrete surface equipment is a great addition to your concrete floor grinding fleet, with the 10HP/7.5KW power with a grinding pressure of 287 lbs/130 kg. This floor polishing machine will work with any dry or wet application and is perfect for prep, polishing and floor maintenance.
Other features include a floating head that is compatible with Calibra QuickChange tools which means no additional plates are necessary. An additional safety feature of the Lavina 25-S concrete floor polisher is the new security plate locks that will prevent a fallen head or tool from falling away from the machine while polishing.
Other features include an exclusive U-Joint technology which includes an additional axis for added flexibility and maneuverability. The exclusive technology helps the base “float” in whichever direction needed.
Machines are equipped with an upgraded belt tensioner, a belt inspection cover, and a new belt replacing tool. Find the concrete surface preparation tools to go with your floor grinding machine here too! is your one-stop destination for all concrete surface prep needs.

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