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Lavina 25L S-Series Floor Grinding & Polishing Machine

our price: $14,190.00

Lavina 25L-S is one of the best concrete floor grinder and polisher machines on the market. With forced belt-driven planetary movement, you are able to continue the polishing job even if the belt breaks, just take it off and keep going. Additional safety features include a security plate lock, which keeps any fallen heads or tools from falling away from the machine. The nozzle-free spraying system also includes an indicator light that lets the operator know when the pump is in the on position, which helps prevent any damage to the pump. The ability to choose whether the water flow is in front of the machine or inside the machine is an additional feature of the Lavina 25L-S. New floating heads hold Calibra QuickChange tools, which eliminates the need for additional plates. The Lavina S-Series cuts down on time wasted in many ways, including clean up, with the new power cable attachment that can be removed when the job is done. This concrete floor polishing machine also has upgraded handles and wheels, upgraded belt system, upgraded double seals, a stronger steel base plate and more!

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