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ELITE Series Remote Controlled Grinding/Polishing Machines

Concrete Polishing HQ is proud to introduce the newest generation of LAVINA machines – the LAVINA X series. There are many new upgrades to the X series machines such as: The bases on most machines now feature a cover on the top for easy access to the planetary belt or chain (depending on the particular model); The lifting handle of the base on 25” and 30” machines has been upgraded for ease of operation; New attachment system for the tool holding plates allows for an easier and much faster access to the main belt; The main belt of 20”, 25”, and 30” machines has been now upgraded to a timing belt; The planetary motion of the 25” and 30” machines is now provided by a chain; The 32” and 38” machines are now driven by two timing belts, allowing for grinding and polishing with 3 or 6 heads. In addition, the planetary motion is now provided by a double chain system. The 20”, 25, 30” and 32” machines now feature a metered water flow system, allowing for more efficient work during grinding and polishing.

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