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ColorJuice3D Dyes

ColorJuice 3D Exterior Concrete Colorant System is a fast, easy way to apply color to many types of interior or exterior concrete. It provides durable, rich hues by bonding color pigment directly into the concrete with integral silicate hardener. ColorJuice 3D is ideal for porous concrete finishes such as broom-finished or stamped concrete including pavements, porches, patios, driveways, sidewalks and pool decks. ColorJuice 3D can also be used for interior concrete such as garage floors and can be applied to other cementious surfaces. Created for outdoor use but can be used indoors. Fast, easy application. Available in 25 transparent colors. Water based and UV stable. Low VOC. Must be used with EZ Etch Concrete Surface Etching Agent and X-Link WB Surface Sealer. Coverage rate is approximately 400-800 sq ft per gallon.

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